"Style, endurance
and quality
performance are all
attributes I share
with Vuba's
products. I've
trained on Vuba
floors all my career
and they have
never let me down"
- Tom Knight,
British Masters
Acid Etch Primer, Concrete Floor Preparation

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Vuba Acid Etch (Etchanator) 5L

Product Code : VEENE-010

Vuba acid etch is designed to prepare concrete surfaces by 'etching' and providing a suitable key in the slabs prior to painting or screeding. Vuba-Etchantor removes surface laitance from newly power floated concrete almost instantly, proving a simple to use cost-effective DIY preparation alternative to mechanical preparation.

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Application Instructions

More about Vuba Acid Etch...
Using this acid based product to 'etch' your floor significantly improves the surface bond of subsequent coatings, sealers and screeds or primers. Vuba-Etchanator is seen as a cost effective alternative to grinding or shot blasting, so ideal for DIY users. For more information and guidance on acid etching concrete, please contact us or consult the technical data sheet in Downloads.

  • Specification
Size 5 or 25 litres
Product Name Vuba-Etchanator
Composition Hydrochloric Acid Solution
Availability 1-2 Days
Substrates Concrete
Ambient Temperature Only use in cold or mild temperatures. Avoid high surface/ambient temperatures.
Application Ensure the surface is clean, dry & contaminant free. Pour sparingly from a plastic watering can & spread immediately with a soft broom. Leave for approximately 15 minutes; DO NOT ALLOW Acid Etch to dry into the concrete. For best results, use a washer/scrubber/dryer & clean cold water. Alternatively, rinse with cold water spreading with a soft broom; remove water with a 'Wet Vacuum Pick Up Machine' or by squeegee. Repeat rinsing method until all traces of acidic cleanser have been removed. Allow the treated area to dry thoroughly for one or two days before overcoating or sealing.
Product Components Jerry can
Primer Required No
Technical Data See Downloads or contact us
Coverage Up to 4-5m2 per litre
Typical Installations Cleaning & preparation of concrete or sand/cement screeds
Guaranteed 24 Hour Answer
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