"Style, endurance
and quality
performance are all
attributes I share
with Vuba's
products. I've
trained on Vuba
floors all my career
and they have
never let me down"
- Tom Knight,
British Masters

Concrete Expansion Joint Fillers

Concrete Expansion Joint Fillers

  • Vuba Expansion Joint Filler (Flexifill)

    Industrial strength expansion joint filler for internal and external movement joints

    £70.00 (exc VAT)
  • Vuba Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape

    Permanent overbanding tape for skid resistant road crack and joint repairs

    £18.52 (exc VAT)
  • Vuba Expansion Joint Sealer (Flexicrete)

    High strength expansion joint sealer for concrete and hygienic resin flooring

    £55.00 (exc VAT)
  • Vuba Foam Backer Rod

    Cost effective foam backer rod available in various widths for pre filling joints

    £2.20 (exc VAT)
  • Vuba Expansion Joint Sealant (Vubaflex)

    Moisture curing elastic sealant for connection and movement joints

    £5.82 (exc VAT)

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