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Vuba Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape

Product Code : VRTCR-007

Thermocrack is a BBA and HAPAS approved self-cleaning thermoplastic overbanding tape, designed to permanently repair and seal concrete or asphalt cracks or joints. Vuba thermoplastic overbanding tape prevents long term water ingress and progressive fretting that leads to road structural failure, whilst offering natural skid resistance with a gritted finish. Suitable for installation inside our outside.

See 'Specification' for more details on Vuba thermoplastic overbanding tape.

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Application Instructions

Industrial grade thermoplastic overbanding tape designed for skid resistant road crack and joint repairs. Thermocrack is a HAPAS approved self-cleaning thermoplastic overbanding tape designed to repair and seal concrete or asphalt cracks to prevent long term water ingress and progressive fretting leading to road structural failure.

Although usable indoors, Thermocrack thermoplastic overbanding tape is generally used externally to repair and seal cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces. Typical installations include public highways, roads, walkways and car parks etc.

Vuba-Thermocrack  is suited to most concrete and asphalt surfaces. Please contact us if you have any requirements for alternative substrate repairs.

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Size 5m (length) x 35mm (width)
Product Name Vuba-Repair Thermocrack
Composition Self-cleaning industrial grade thermoplastic
Appearance Skid resistant textured finish
Availability Standard 1-2 days. Bespoke 3-5 days
Durability Very heavy duty
Thickness 3mm
Substrates Concrete and asphalt
Drying Time 5-10 mins
Application Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from contamination. Preheat the surface with a propane torch making sure it is completely free from moisture. Remove from all packaging and place on the road surface as required. Heat the thermoplastic overbanding tape from 200-400mm until the material starts to bubble and melt. Leave to cool and harden. See data sheet in 'Downloads' for more guidance.
Product Components Single role
Primer Required No
Technical Data See data sheet in 'Downloads'
Typical Installations Overbanding joints on public highways, roads, walkways, car parks etc
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