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Product Code : VRPCR-001

Vuba high strength concrete repair mortar can be applied onto concrete or asphalt, indoor and outdoor. Vuba-Repair Polycrete is perfect for repairing old and damaged concrete, providing excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, even suitable for areas subject to heavy fork lift traffic. See 'Specification' for further details on Vuba concrete repair mortar including coverage and curing.
For best results apply onto our Epoxy Tack Coat and keep your trowel clean with our Tool Cleaning Solvent. Browse our Essentials section for more products to assist with your concrete repair mortar application.

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Application Instructions

Vuba-Repair Polycrete is a polyurethane repair mortar for deep fill or feather edge concrete or asphalt floor repairs. Based upon solvent free polyurethane resin technology, this three part repair mortar cures to higher strengths than that of concrete itself and can be applied onto concrete and asphalt, indoor or outdoor. Although this heavy duty floor repair mortar is generally intended for use as an infill or underlayment prior to overcoating, Polycrete provides a fully sealed impervious surface so can be left as a wearing finish in most instances.

This heavy duty concrete repair mortar is generally used for large repairs to concrete or asphalt floors, indoor or outdoor. Polycrete can be used to repair worn or damaged flooring prior to overcoating or overlay by providing a level and robust surface finish which excellent bonding strength and durability. This repair mortar can also be left as a wearing finish, which is often the case in external car parks or loading bays where a heavy duty repair to concrete or asphalt is required.

Besides repairing floor patches, Polycrete can also be used to resurface floors, ramps and steps, and is capable of being feather edged to match existing flooring levels. For smaller patch repairs we'd recommend our concrete patch repair mortar as an alternative. 
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Size 28.2 Kg Unit
Product Name Vuba-Repair Polycrete
Composition Solvent free polyurethane resin system reinforced with graded silica sands
Appearance Trowel applied, smooth grey pigmented mortar finish
Availability 1-2 Days
Durability Very heavy duty concrete repair
Thickness Best from 6mm up to over 150mm (feather in some instances)
Substrates Concrete, asphalt
Ambient Temperature During application 0-25 degrees
Drying Time 18-24 hrs
Application Ensure the surface is clean and contaminant free, with no standing water. Prime with Epibond epoxy tack coat. Mix all three components thoroughly and apply concrete repair mortar by trowel to the required thickess, ensure the primer is still tacky. See concrete repair mortar technical data sheet in Downloads for further details.
Product Components Resin, Activator and Aggregate
Primer Required Yes
Technical Data See Vuba concrete repair mortar technical data in 'Downloads'
Coverage Maximum 1.4 m2 at 10mm (28.2 kg)
Typical Installations Concrete floor repairs inside or outside, concrete floor patches, resurfacing, channel repairs in car parks, warehouses etc.
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