"Style, endurance
and quality
performance are all
attributes I share
with Vuba's
products. I've
trained on Vuba
floors all my career
and they have
never let me down"
- Tom Knight,
British Masters

Concrete Floor Sealers

Concrete Floor Sealers

  • Vuba Concrete Dust Proofer (Invisiseal)

    Invisible penetrative sealer to chemically harden concrete floors

    £7.48 (exc VAT)
    Bulk Buy from £8.09
  • Clear Two Part Epoxy Floor Sealer - Gloss (EP Shield Crystal)

    Two part solvent free high build gloss epoxy floor sealer

    £39.10 (exc VAT)
    Bulk Buy from £37.54
  • Vuba Diamond Sealing and Casting 'Glass Clear' Epoxy Resin

    UV stable epoxy sealer for cating penny floors, bottle tops, bar tops and more!

    £91.94 (exc VAT)
  • Vuba Concrete Floor Sealer (Liquid Wax)

    Water based acrylic concrete floor sealer in clear gloss

    £65.71 (exc VAT)
    Bulk Buy from £73.03
  • Gloss Polyurethane Floor Sealer (SealGloss)

    High strength solvent based clear gloss floor sealer

    £26.44 (exc VAT)
    Bulk Buy from £28.56
  • Two Pack Clear Resin Floor Sealer - (Duraseal)

    Clear UV stable resin floor sealer for concrete, screeds and resin

    £63.75 (exc VAT)

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